• Weekly Lawn Cutting

  • Fertilizing Programs (Lawn & Shrubs)

  • Spring / Fall Cleanups

  • Mulching

  • Weeding

  • Thatching / Aeration

  • Spring & Fall Annual Planting

  • Shrub & Hedge Sheering

  • Shrub & Hedge Hand Pruning



Some of our clients enjoy being involved with their landscape maintenance, while others don't even want to think about it (as long as it looks good).  Some enjoy cutting their own grass and hire us for pruning, leaf cleanup, etc.  Others do just the opposite.  You can tell us:  "Do everything it takes to keep my property looking perfect." or "Just do the basics."  Whatever type of client you are, we will keep you happy.  Our list of maintenance services is similar to any other company in the industry.  The difference with Millstone Landscape is the individual attention every client receives.

Our grass cutting prices are discussed up-front and do not change throughout the season.  If your lawn stops growing during the hot months, we don't cut it and you don't pay!  Other services are priced at an hourly labor rate, plus materials and/or disposal costs.  We are always willing to provide you with a solid estimate before any service is performed.  If you want a custom maintenance program for your property (simple or elaborate) and never want to be surprised by a bill, Millstone Landscape is the company for you.

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